Step onto the sand in Santa Monica and follow the vocal harmony of meet singing duo Aidan & Dotan: identical twin brothers quickly emerging on to the United States pop music scene. Whether you recognize them from their appearances on Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, their Vine covers, Josh Groban’s Facebook & Twitter, or modeling at Abercrombie & Fitch, one thing for sure is keep an eye on these two.

AD littleBorn and raised in The Big Apple, Aidan & Dotan have been singing in harmony since they were three-years-old and picked up their first guitars only five short years later. “Performing and sharing our music is our passion and has carried us through any obstacle we have faced,” said Dotan. In the face of their parent’s painful divorce and the separation of their family, they turned to music and started writing their songs at the age of eight. Since then, they have both mastered the piano and ukulele as well and can be heard singing everywhere they go.

Their first professional recognition came at thirteen when they were signed to a religious music label and recorded their first full-length album. The album, titled Shehecheyanu (meaning Something New), was distributed worldwide as they toured the US east coast. Aidan recalls, “It was an amazing experience, especially at such a young age, and truly affirmed to us our desire to share our music & story with the world.”

During college at Brandeis University, they became members of the all-male a cappella group VoiceMale. Through which, they can be heard on their hit album Suit Up. Dotan’s solo track “Time (Bring It On)” is the 2010 winner of a Contemporary A Capella Recording Award and featured on the Contemporary A Capella Society’s Sing Six: Sunny Side Up compilation album.

Shortly after they left their college town of Boston, the city was hit by the tragic Boston Marathon attacks. In response, Aidan & Dotan turned to their music as words of comfort, support, and encouragement to those in need. They recorded a mash-up of Josh Groban’s Brave, Augustana’s Boston, and Gary Portnoy’s Where Everybody Knows Your Name (the theme song to Cheers). Josh Groban thanked the boys personally for bringing new meaning to his hit single, and shared the video himself with his fans over Twitter & Facebook allowing the video to be wide-spread across the country and internet.

After a quick appearance on The CW’s Gossip Girl in 2012, Aidan & Dotan landed in Los Angeles ready to make their mark on Hollywood. Now in 2014, the brothers will be featured on Comedy Central’s second season of Kroll Show alongside creator and comedian Nick Kroll.

Musical influences range from The Beatles to Kelly Clarkson, Gavin DeGraw, Patty Griffin, Keith Urban, & Jason Mraz.

Today you can keep up with their music through Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube.


Nine minutes older gives Aidan the reigning rights to having his name always first. His phenomenal ear for vocal harmonies allows the two to sing in such tight blend no matter what riff they choose to tackle. If you could take him off the beach and out of the waves for one minute, you won’t be able to keep him off of the piano. Teaching himself how to play in high school became not just a commitment but real love and passion for the keys. Aidan also loves to cook but won’t follow a recipe, and as a vegetarian like his brother, he makes a mean set of vegetarian tacos! Like his cooking, creating something new is always at the tip of his tongue, be it a new song, mashup or a new take on an old classic.




As the soulful & raspy younger brother, Dotan credits his vocal tone to his absolute love and obsession with ice cream. “A spoon (of ice cream) every day before I leave the house in the morning, and a spoon before I go to sleep,” he swears. Apart from the carton of mint chip, coffee, or cookie dough, you will never see him without his guitar in hand. After finding his mother’s old guitar in the attic at the age of eight, he has never stopped picking those strings creating new melodies the two can harmonize to. Be it at the gym or hiking up a mountainside, Dotan loves to push the two to stay active, and maybe work off a few of those scoops of ice cream, singing all the while.

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