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The great Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
Hard to believe that only two years ago we packed up our east coast New York born and raised lives, and headed west for California. Hollywood was always that seemingly elusive place where artists go to thrive and shine. But there we were, driving across the open roads of the United States ready to reach the intangible. Now 2 years later we sit in our Hollywood Apartment overlooking Los Angeles & the ocean to the west and the ever so tangible Hollywood sign to the east.

It is true what Mr. Disney said: we got into that Honda civic in 2012 with a dream ready to pursue. This past month we had our LA debut musical performance. Guitars in hand, mics hot, and lights catching our eyes we adhered to those words once again: this music is our dream and there we were pursuing it. What an incredible feeling it is to be back on stage in front of an audience performing what it is you love. We count our lucky stars each day for the opportunities we have been given and thank all those who helped get us here.

Hope to see you at the next show! photo 2-1 fd0a286fceaf4db9161f7754711a264c 156c3218bb29b4085c7182165bb162a5 photo 1-1

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